2-Stroke MotoCross Exhaust Muffler

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Boost your acceleration and top speed with the flexible 2-stroke Motocross Poo Poo Pipe. With the integral expansion chamber you can expect your engine to provide more torque and top speed, plus get a snappy motocross sound with a little sound reduction coming from your motor with silencer tip muffler.

This exhaust was also designed for those tricky builds where stock OEM parts won’t cut it. Its flexible pipe is perfect for a universal fit on almost any bike, you get to decide how your exhaust is routed on your bike making your builds possibilities endless.

With our Motocross Poo Poo Pipe installation is a breeze - just unbolt your existing muffler, replace your gasket if needed and bolt on your new exhaust and hit the road!

Each Motocross Poo Poo Pipe comes with a new exhaust gasket and all the mounting hardware.

Exhaust Stud Mounting Size: 40 mm
Overall length: 39.75" (19.5" of flex pipe)