T Belt Drive Conversion Kit For 2 Stroke Motorized Bikes / Bicycle Engines - Performance Transmission

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Outlaw Motorized Bicycles is proud to present the T Belt Drive Conversion kit for any 80cc Engine Kit. You won't believe how smooth this belt drive will make your 2 stroke bike.. Easily convert your 2-stroke engine kit to a low maintenance, lightweight t-belt drive. The T belt has the advantage of putting down the torque of the engine much more smoothly and gradually than the chain drive counterpart. Using a belt driven motorized bike you won’t feel a sudden tug when you twist the throttle, just smooth acceleration. No more noisy metal chain. The belt driven design emits very little noise while in use. T-belts also do not accumulate dust or dirt and need far less maintenance - like lubrication - when compared to chain driven design.

Each kit includes a 5M-1350 T-belt, CNC Aluminum T-belt Drive Pulley, CNC Aluminum T-belt Rear Wheel Pulley, Aluminum Belt Tensioner Wheel (replaces standard chain tensioner wheel)


  • Drive Pulley Diameter: 39mm (11-12T sprocket equivalent)
  • Rear Wheel Pulley Diameter: 190mm (50T sprocket equivalent)
  • T-Belt Type: 5M-1350; Perimeter: 1350mm; “Teeth” Count: 270