2 Stroke Engine Kits


Zeda 80 Triple 40 Complete 80cc Bicycle Engine Kit - Firestorm Edition

Outlaw Motorized Bicycles is proud to introduce the all new Zeda80 Firestorm Edition Triple 40 (40mm stroke, 40mm wide intake, and 40mm wide mount). Get the most recent model of the highly sought after JL Zeda 2 stroke bicycle engine kit that everyone is talking about.


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E-STORM BT80 Complete 80cc Electric Start Engine Kit

Introducing the All New BT80 Electric Start 2-stroke Engine kit! Get excited for the ESTORM BT80 66cc engine kits and never have to pedal start your 2-stroke engine again! The engine comes with an electric start as well as a pull start for the convenience of the rider. Retail Price: $389.99


Silver Complete Zeda80 Bicycle Engine Kit With The Dio Performance Upgrade Package

Take your 2 stroke motorized biking to the next level. This is a complete Dio performance kit including the engine, mounting hardware, and stock exhaust pipe. The included Dio reed valve, OKO carb, K&N style air filter (or optional velocity stack), and modified Dio cylinder round out this performance package that will yield tons of torque and increased speed.


BT80 Electric Start Engine Replacement Parts

BT80 Automatic Clutch

Standard OEM replacement Automatic Clutch for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Chrome Muffler

Standard OEM replacement Chrome Muffler for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Clutch Plate

Standard OEM replacement Clutch Plate for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Crankshaft and Connecting Rod

Standard OEM replacement Crankshaft and Connecting Rod for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Cylinder Body

Standard OEM replacement Cylinder Body for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Generator Coil

Standard OEM replacement Generator Coil for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Outer Rotor

Standard OEM replacement Outer Rotor for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Starting Motor

Standard OEM replacement Starting Motor for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Starting Chain Wheel

Standard OEM replacement Starting Chain Wheel for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Starting Relay

Standard OEM replacement Starting Relay for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Throttle Switch

Standard OEM replacement Throttle Switch for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Voltage Regulator

Standard OEM replacement Voltage Regulator for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


Standard 2-Stroke BT80 CDI Ignition Coil

Standard OEM replacement CDI Ignition Coil for BT80 engine kits.


BT80 10 Tooth Engine Sprocket

Standard OEM replacement 10 Tooth Engine Sprocket for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Gearbox Cover

Standard OEM replacement Gearbox Cover for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Piston

Standard OEM replacement Piston for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Sealed Ball Bearing (set of 2)

Standard OEM replacement Sealed Ball Bearings for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


BT80 Electric Start Clutch Side Cover

Standard OEM replacement Clutch Side Cover for use with BT80 Engine Kits.


Exhaust/Expansion Chambers

Fat Cat Chrome Expansion Chamber

Improve the look, horsepower, fuel efficiency, and overall performance of your 2 stroke engine with this Fat Cat chrome expansion chamber. For more information on how expansion chambers work, and how they improve performance visit


Standard Chrome Muffler

Stock Chrome Replacement Muffler, Reduce noise while adding horsepower and beauty with this 2-stroke Standard Chrome Muffler.


Low Hang Chrome Muffler

The Low Hang Chrome Muffler for a 2-stroke engine kit hangs tight under the bike for better clearance and has a removable baffle for more performance. Includes muffler gasket.


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2 Piece Muffler "Poo Poo Pipe" Deluxe For 4 Stroke Engines

2 piece deluxe muffler. AKA: " #6 Poo Poo Pipe". Includes gasket for joining the two pieces. . For use with 4 stroke engines.


CNC/Racing Parts

CNC Aluminum Heavy Duty Bicycle Engine Sprocket Adapter A With 40 Tooth Sprocket

Have you struggled with getting your rear sprocket in line using the Standard Rag Joint Sprocket Install Kit? It can be really frustrating trying to keep the tension just right in order to keep your rear sprocket turning true! This all aluminum tri-legged sprocket clamp makes the hassle go away and will keep your rear sprocket turning true no matter where you ride! Fits axles up to 37.5mm in diameter.



49cc Gas Powered 4 Stroke Engine

Do You Already have a mounting kit for your bicycle and need to purchase the engine only? We have what you need. The new EPA approved Hua Sheng F142 49cc 4 stroke engine is available in either 78 mm tapered shaft or 5/8" keyed straight shaft. At approximately 2.5 HP this bicycle engine gets about 100 to 150 mpg and can hits speeds of 35 MPH or more. 4 cycle engines require little maintenance. Simply add gas and oil and the engine is ready to operate. Make regular oil changes and your engine will last you for many years to come.



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Dual Pull Brake Lever And Twist Throttle Combo Kit

Twist throttle, dual pull brake lever, and kill switch button in one unit. Dual brake lever pulls both brake cables at the same time, so you can have both front and back brakes on 1 lever.


Chrome V-Frame Mounting Plate Kit

Chrome V-Frame engine bracket with mounting hardware included.


Monark Front Forks

Add some style and suspension to your custom motorized bicycle by replacing your front fork with this sturdy and popular Monark springer fork. Made to fit a men’s 26” bicycle frame.


Mid Frame Kickstand for 26 inch Bicycles

Mid Frame Kickstand for 26 inch Bicycles


Stainless Steel Converted Handlebars

Are you looking for the perfect handlebar to spruce up your motorized bicycle? Then look no further than our stainless steel converted handlebar! This comfortable handlebar is built for ultimate performance and is sturdy enough for any rider to enjoy. We offer the converted handlebar in 4 different color options so you can customize your ride.


Zeda Complete Rolling Bicycle Chasis


Zeda Screaming Demon V2 Rolling Chasis

Outlaw Motorized Bicycles is proud to present The new version 2 Zeda Angel engine-ready motorized bicycle is here! New roller features include solid triple tree fork, slightly larger 3.74 liter gas tank, comfortable and stylish new saddle seat, and wider rear wheel housing.


4 Stroke Engine Kits

Hua Sheng 49cc 4G T Belt Drive Complete Gas Powered Motorized Bicycle Engine Kit

This 4 stroke motorized bicycle engine kit comes with everything you need to convert most V-frame bicycle to a 49cc gas powered scooter. Simply clamp on the engine, install the sprocket, gas tank, and other hardware and you'll be up a running in a couple of hours. Installation requires some tools and a moderate mechanical aptitude.


49cc 4G T-Belt Drive Mounting Kit Only

This 4G T-Belt Drive Mounting Kit comes with all the parts you need to motorize your bike except the engine and transmission.


Motorized Bicycle Wheels


HD Bike Wheel and Axle Kit

Heavy Duty Bike Wheel and Axle Kit - get your drive chain off your spokes, and get rid of the rag joints that connect your drive sprocket to your spokes, and never break spokes again.


Aluminum 26" Motorized Bicycle Mag Wheel Set

Are you ready to Get your motorized bike looking sharp? Then you need a set of HY-27 style 26" CNC magnesium/aluminum alloy mags. Includes front and rear mag wheels. Suitable for use with motorized bicycles.


2 Stroke Replacement Parts

Wide Crank 1 Piece Crank/Pedal Kit

Wide 1 piece crank pedal kit for bicycle engine kits. 11 pieces. Pedal Arm Spacing: 8.5" Pedal Hole Diameter: 7/16" Crank Bearing Race OD: 3.25"


2-Stroke 66cc Boss Intake Cylinder Kit

Upgraded head and cylinder kit for use with the KA Bottle Boost Kits. Includes: Boss Head, Boss Cylinder, Cylinder/Crankcase Gasket, Intake Gasket, Exhaust Gasket, Piston Clips, and all cylinder hardware and fasteners. Cylinder diameter measures 1.84 inches. 40mm exhaust and 40mm intake.


66cc/80cc Cylinder Assembly Kit with Cylinder Head

This is a complete Replacement 66cc/80cc cylinder assembly and cylinder head with 36mm exhaust and 40mm intake. Kit includes cylinder assembly, cylinder head, piston w/rings, piston wrist pin and clips, cylinder head studs, nuts, and washers as well as all necessary gaskets.


Chrome High Performance Cylinder Head

Do you want MORE from your 2-stroke engine? We have what you need just combine this high performance chrome cylinder head with a 2-Stroke KA Bottle Boost Kit and an expansion chamber exhaust and you will give everyone else on the street a run for their money! Designed for use with the Firestorm PK80 but can be used on any 66-80cc engine.


Gas Tank Bicycle Frames


Motorized Bicycle Frame with Removable Fuel Tank

This 26" Aluminum frame comes with a separate removable aluminum gas tank. Pedestal mount for use with the 2-stroke ZEDA80 engine kits, or any 80cc bicycle engine kit.


Grubee Aluminum Motorized Bicycle Frame - GTA 150mm

Now you can Build your own custom cruiser with this featherweight pedestal mount aluminum 150mm rear dropout bicycle engine frame. Ideal for use with 2 stroke engine kits. Use with heavy-duty disc brake axle for single or multi speed sprockets. Cool and clean brushed aluminum finish. Compatible with both caliper and disc brakes and can accommodate up to 2.25" wide tires with enlarged 150mm wide rear dropout area. (HD Wheel and Axle Kit required for disc break use)


Replacement Parts

Spring Tensioned Chain Idler Pulley

Are you tired of replacing your idler pulley? Well Stop replacing your idler pulley and bearings so often! The spring tensioning helps to set just the right pressure on the sealed bearing within the tensioner allowing the tensioner to last a lot longer.


44 Tooth 6 Bolt Rear Sprocket (Small Diameter)

This 44 tooth sprocket is required if you are building a bicycle with the Zeda Angel Roller V2 Bicycle. Includes 6x: mounting bolts, washers, and lock washers.


6 Bolt Rear Sprocket (Larger Diameter)

Available in sizes 36, 44, and 50 Tooth, These sprockets have the larger diameter wholes in the center.