E-STORM Slim BT80 Complete 80cc Electric Start Engine Kit

  • Category: 2 Stroke Engine Kits




 The all New Electric Start 2-stroke Engine kit! Get the new E-STORM Slim Model! Redesigned without the pull start backup this push-button electric start kit is slimmer in width allowing you to comfortably pedal your bike while reducing the chance of hitting or knocking off your carburetor.

This engine kit features:

  • ESTORM BT80cc Electric Start Engine
  • Fuel tank w/ fuel valve, fuel filter, and fuel line
  • Battery w/ battery box and all electrical wiring
  • Throttle assembly
  • Wide crank pedal assembly
  • CDI unit as well as starter solenoid
  • 415 Heavy duty chain, chain guard, and roller bearing chain idler
  • 48 tooth chrome drive sprocket.
  • NT Carburetor
  • Standard Chrome muffler w/clamps
  • Front and rear motor mount clasp
  • Dimensions: 12" x 10" x 10"