HD Bike Wheel and Axle Kit


Heavy Duty Bike Wheel and Axle Kit - get your drive chain off your spokes, and get rid of the rag joints that connect your drive sprocket to your spokes, and never break spokes again.

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  • SKU: WH150-26WHDAX

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This heavy-duty axle and wheel are designed to support the added weight and stress of motorizing a bike and are the perfect addition to any motorized bike build. This kit allows the rear sprocket to attach directly to the hub so your spokes and wheel won't warp and features spacers to get the perfect chain alignment. Also includes a disc brake rotor for the best braking and stopping performace -  Available in 135 mm or 150 mm widths.

Both the 135 mm and 150 mm wheels will accept tire widths from 1.75 in. to 2.25 in.

Each Heavy Duty Wheel and Axle Kit includes:

  • 26 in. Rim with pre-laced spokes
  • Heavy Duty Axle (pre-installed)
  • 44 Tooth Solid Rear Sprocket (pre-installed and disc brake compatible)
  • 6 Speed Cassette (150 mm wheels only)
  • 180 mm Disc Brake Rotor
  • 48 Tooth Freewheel Rear Sprocket
  • Freewheel Hub