ridel ebikes

About RIDEL eBikes
Born on the Urban Streets of New York City, RIDEL is an electric bicycle company
revolutionizing the way the world moves. RIDEL’s mission is based on a simple yet
honest desire– to make every journey a fun one and to accelerate the inner potential
of every person. Each of our bikes is designed with maximum fun, style, smart
technology and security in mind so we can help move the world towards the infinite
possibilities of urban mobility.
▪ You know that look a kid gets when they first learn to ride a bike? That’s how we feel
everyday at RIDEL bikes. We can’t help but feel excitement and thrill in designing bikes
for the future. It’s in our DNA. The founding team of RIDEL includes some of the
earliest adopters and investors in the latest technology, with an impeccable instinct
for bringing these tools for everyone to use. Our parent company CJ Global has been
manufacturing electronics for over a decade.
▪ With a passion for bicycles and a longstanding history in electronics, we have taking
what we love and know best to help people get from point A to point B faster, “funner” and
more affordable than any other eBike on the market.